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Shunde Park of Foshan High-tech Industrial DevelopmentZone

Shunde Park (Ronggui) of Foshan National High-tech Zone, an important part of Shunde Park of Foshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, was constructed with the approval of the State Council in 1992.

Shunde Park (Ronggui) of Foshan National High-tech Zone with a planned area of 13.5 square kilometers, including 3.5 square kilometers of a national park and 10 square kilometers of a comprehensive processing park, has been 100% completed and put into use, gathering 5 world’s top 500 enterprises and 6 listed companies.

Shunde Park (Ronggui)of Foshan National High-tech Zone developed early. In the later stage, with the industrial development of the park and the needs of talents and modern service industry for enterprise transformation and upgrading, Ronggui positioned the development space surrounding the park as an industrial matching area, including the promotion of modern service industry agglomeration zone, comprehensive processing park, and middle and high-end residential clusters to transform the industrial park into the production-city integration. In 2018, the total industrial output value of Shunde Park (Ronggui) of Foshan National High-tech Zone reached 65.7 billion yuan, accounting for about 65% of the total industrial output value of Ronggui.

In 2019,Shunde Park (Ronggui) with the goal of building an eastern high-tech industrial agglomeration area, increased the investment of capital and human resources, and improved service capability through a series of measures such as brand promotion, transportation, and the construction of intelligent park to support the development of enterprises. Shunde Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, the scientific and technological platform of Shunde Park (Ronggui) of Foshan National High-tech Zone, has introduced the Shunde Base of Guangzhou Technology Transfer Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, setting a precedent for cooperation between the town and the Chinese Academy of Sciences; the high-tech enterprise seeded bank in the town will promote the development of high-tech enterprises.

Shunde Park (Ronggui) of Foshan National High-tech Zone has also built intellectual property service platform, investment service platform, enterprise investment and financing service platform, which has enhanced the attraction of high-quality enterprises agglomeration in the park. At present, Shunde Park (Ronggui) of Foshan National High-tech Zone has cultivated five pillar industrial clusters of intelligent home appliances, information electronics, mechanical mould, chemical coatings and biomedicine with 454 enterprises, including 150 large-scale industrial enterprises, 106 national high-tech enterprises with more than 50,000 employees, 5 world’s top 500 enterprises: Panasonic, GMCC, Baosteel Can Making, Magna and Mitsubishi Dayiming, and 6 listed companies: Hisense Kelon, Guangdong Vanward, Dymatic Chemicals, Yizumi, Sunwill, and Guosheng Financial Holding.

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