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First Completed Park Opens in Foshan Talent Lighthouse Industrial Park

send date:2024-04-12 16:51

The Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “FHIDZ”) has gained new achivement as a hub for innovation and talents. On March 26, the Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as "Lighthouse Park"), coordinated by the FHIDZ, celebrated the opening of its first completed park—the Foshan Vanyang Sci-tech Park.

On the same day, 2023 high-level FHIDZ talent teams for technical industrialization signed contracts officially. 17 teams, bringing in over 40 high-level talents, specializing in fields such as biomedicine, semiconductors, and new materials, have settled in the FHIDZ.

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Foshan Vanyang Sci-Tech Park.

First completed park to operate in the Lighthouse Park

Paving the Way for Technological Innovation

In recent years, Foshan has been accelerating the development of high-level scientific and technological innovation by constructing "one zone, one park, one city" high-tech innovation hubs with high standards.

The Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Park is the first industrial park in Foshan named after “talent”. It emphasizes "intelligence" and "innovation," attracting various high-level talents and innovative entrepreneurship teams, promoting the industrialization of technological achievements, and creating an innovative entrepreneurship platform.

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On March 26, the opening of Foshan Vanyang Sci-tech Park marked a remarkable milestone in the construction progress of the Lighthouse Park.

Foshan Vanyang Sci-tech Park started construction in April 2022 and has transformed from a blueprint to a modern high-end industrial science and technology park. At the same time, this Park has achieved strategic cooperation with financial institutions such as China Minsheng Bank, receiving over 3 billion yuan in credit, which addresses the financial deficiency for park enterprises.

In addition, to ensure the settlement and well-being of talent in the park, the Lighthouse Park has built 140 sets of talent apartments and there are 810-set talent apartments in Chuangzhiwan Garden under construction. 

Tan Yanling, a member of the Party Working Committee of FHIDZ and vice director of the Management Committee expressed that "The constructions of several projects in the park, such as the Science and Technology Innovation Center, Guanghongqi E-innovation Bay, and Zijing Talent Sci-tech Innovation Park, are also accelerating, providing space for future settlement of strategic emerging industries and talent projects."

Tan also revealed that next, they will also construct the "Biz Foshan, Best for you" Service Center and the International Talent Hub in the Lighthouse Park, providing four major characteristic services to enterprises, covering administrative services, talent services, technology services, and financial services.

Moreover, she said that the Management Committee of FHIDZ will further focus on talent attraction and cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, and industrial development. With the Lighthouse Park and Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park as the new departure, they will comprehensively build a high-quality industrial development carrier to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and provide support for cultivating new productive forces in Foshan.

17 Talent Teams Settle in Foshan

With Support Funds Up to 8 Million Yuan

Technological innovation is a key and decisive factor for a city's high-quality development. Cultivating or introducing a leading scientific and technological talent or team is essential to achieve major technology breakthroughs and further industrial progresses.

Currently, FHIDZ is focusing on building three leading industries, such as high-end equipment manufacturing, smart home appliances, and new materials, and actively creating three characteristic industry clusters with electronic cores, biomedicine and health, and productive services.

This direction is also reflected in the support issued to the introduced high-tech industrialization entrepreneurial teams.

The 17 talent teams signed this time were selected out of 125 teams nationwide by FHIDZ. These teams are from various industries such as biomedicine, semiconductors, new materials, and high-end equipment manufacturing, bringing in over 40 high-level talents.

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Signing ceremony for the 2023 FHIDZ’s high-level talent teams for technical industrialization

To comprehensively support the team development and team projects, FHIDZ has provided nearly 76 million yuan as support funds and one-on-one entrepreneurship lifecycle assistance. Among them, certified A, B, and C-class teams are entitled to support funds of 8 million yuan, 5 million yuan, and 2 million yuan respectively.

Dr. Lu's project about artificial intelligence terminal inference chip, was rated as an A-class team. He introduced that, "we have invented an artificial intelligence chip for household appliances and digital products. It can run algorithms directly without the Internet, effectively reducing the costs for research and development." Currently, the team has cooperated with companies like  Midea and Foshan Lighting. Relevant products have been in mass production.

Among these selected teams, many of them have similar characters as Dr. Lu's team that they have leading position in the industry and feasible industrial application.

Tan Yanling states that since 2020, FHIDZ has carried out the introduction and support for high-tech industrialization entrepreneurial teams for 4 consecutive years, with a total investment of over 200 million yuan in fiscal funds. Overall, FHIDZ has introduced 91 talent team projects, cultivated 26 high-tech enterprises, forming a unique talent brand effect.

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