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Accelerating Intellectual Property Utilization to Foster New Productive Forces

send date:2024-05-11 17:35

In 2023, Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone ranked at the top in China in several key metrics.


Foshan's Innovation Lighthouse High-Value Patent Achievement Transformation Base was unveiled.

On April 22, the 2024 World Intellectual Property Day event and the unveiling ceremony for Foshan Innovation Lighthouse High-Value Patent Achievement Transformation Base were held in Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "FHIDZ"). 10 major achievements of FHIDZ were also highlighted during the event.

Significant Impact: Intellectual Property promotes High-Quality Development

In 2023, FHIDZ has diligently implemented the Provincial Party Committee's strategy and the Municipal Party Committee's goal for high-quality development, focusing on establishing four key areas—innovation, industrial clusters, talent, and enterprise services, using intellectual property to promote the integration between sci-tech innovation, and industrial development. Multiple indicators for the high-quality development of intellectual property achieved top rank in China, catalyzing intellectual property into a new force for stimulating high-quality development.

In 2023, the construction of FHIDZ's national intellectual property pilot park has comprehensively accelerated, with intellectual property collaborative operation center running in full functions. The implementation of the "Three Mediation Collaboration" (People, Judiciary, and Administration) has led to an 86% completion rate for mediating intellectual property infringement disputes. Moreover, 61 enterprises in the FHIDZ received nearly 400 million yuan of special fund from the Foshan Intellectual Property Pledge Financing Risk Compensation Program.

Therefore, these development indicators of FHIDZ, such as the number of valid invention patents and registered trademarks per 10 billion yuan of operating income, and the number of invention patent applications generated per 10 million yuan of research and development expenditure, have achieved the top tier in China.

In 2023, FHIDZ has won 24 China Patent Awards, accounting for 72.7% of the total number in Foshan; 152 enterprises were selected as national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises, accounting for nearly 70% of the total number in the city.

Hu Xuejun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of FHIDZ and Director of the Management Committee, said that Foshan is currently vigorously promoting the construction of a national demonstration city for intellectual property. FHIDZ fully promotes the construction of the national intellectual property pilot park, inviting society to jointly promote high-quality development and form a new pattern of intellectual property development in Foshan and the Greater Bay Area.

Introduce Service Institution: Enhancing Strength of Intellectual Property Collaborative Operation Center 

Foshan Talent Innovation Lighthouse Industrial Park, a key participant in the "Top 10 Innovative Leading Characteristic Manufacturing Industrial Parks," has collaborated with the Foshan Market Supervision Administration Bureau to establish the Foshan Innovation Lighthouse High-Value Patent Achievement Transformation Base, aiming to enhance services provided by the Intellectual Property Collaborative Operations Center.

During the event, several service institutions signed agreements to join the FHIDZ Intellectual Property Collaborative Operations Center. Li Yaoyang, Director of Business at the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone Branch of Guangdong Equity Exchange Center, stated: “In FHIDZ, enterprises have sufficient support in both protecting and utilizing intellectual property. We aim to raise awareness of the protection and application of intellectual property among these businesses, enhancing their innovative capabilities.”

Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court set up a studio for Shi Jinghan, an advanced National Intellectual Property Judge, to reinforce its guidance for the Foshan Circuit Court. Additionally, 2023 outstanding mediators of intellectual property for the year 2023 were awarded during this event.


FHIDZ has continuously selected intellectual property-intensive enterprises, encouraging enterprises to innovate and awarding 20 enterprises the "FHIDZ 2023 Intellectual Property-intensive Enterprise" plaques.


FHIDZ remains committed to enhancing and innovating intellectual property work, continuously strengthening the core competitiveness of enterprises and industries, and facilitating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into new quality productive forces.

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Photo | Foshan News Media Center, Deng Guoshen

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