A profile of The CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town

send date:2013-11-27 10:42

  The CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town has two functions to shoot film and television and develop cultural tourism. Since 1997, 300-odd film and television works such as “the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom”, “the Stories in Hongkong”, “the Stories in Macao”, “Juvenile Bao the Clear Sky” have been taken herein. Many large activities like “Among Cities” taken by the sports channel of CCTV, “Lions Celebrate Prosperity with Joyous Songs” at 99’ Lantern Festival Party held by CCTV, “Identical Songs—Going into Nanhai” taken by the literary art and theatrical channel of CCTV and “Song Zuying and Stars Singing Party” have been held here. Since starting business on Dec.26th 1998, it has received a great number of tourists both at home and abroad. The construction of the scenery area has extruded the features of tourism with films and televisions, everyday there are many wonderful programs such as “Three Heroes Battle Lu Bu”, “A Battle on Jinggang Water”, “Synthetical Arts Program” devoted to the tourists; and large amounts of tourists are involved in joining the projects and facilities. The shootings of large quantities of films and television plays and the presences of film and television stars of China and foreign countries offer good fortune of seeing for the tourists who experience a unique charming of the film and television tour.

  ADD:Shishan Town, South Sea District Fushan, Guangdong