Breakthroughs of exhibitions in quantity and quality are made in Foshan

send date:2019-05-06 16:50

On the spot of Tanzhou Ceramic Exhibition, there are all kinds of arrangement of exhibitors.


The 2019 Foshan (Tanzhou) International Ceramic and Bathroom Products Exhibition dropped the curtain on April 22th. In fact, with Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center as the core, industry exhibitions related to ceramics, building materials and home furnishing have landed in Foshan. Foshan exhibition industry makes breakthroughs in both quantity and quality, building the brand of industry+exhibition.


Aggregation: double growth in scale and quality of local industrial exhibitions


In recent years, driven by the two provincial exhibitions of the Internet Plus Expo and AEME, the exhibitions of Foshan's traditional advantageous industries such as household appliances, furniture, ceramics, building materials and machinery have been gathering continuously at Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.


Since its operation two years ago, various hardware facilities and services of the venue have been continuously improved. Relevant data show that in 2018, the center undertook 41 exhibition activities, with a total area of 4.65 million square meters and a total number of visitors of more than 860,000.


Joey Pather, CEO of Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center said that by undertaking large-scale professional exhibitions, Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center will leverage more professional exhibition markets related to local industries, attract more national exhibitions to settle down, and further promote the development of regional industries.


Focus: can Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center drive urban upgrading?


Compared with the exhibition centers with mature transportation and catering facilities, the newly emerged Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center needs to make more progress in transportation, catering and service.


Reporters learned that surrounding Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, an exhibition industry city is under construction, featuring in high-end manufacturing, R&D, exhibition and logistics. The second phase of Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is expected to be put into operation as soon as October this year. It is known that the second phase of the building includes communication center, Robotation Academy Foshan, conference center and so on. After the completion of the second phase, the total exhibition area will reach 100,000 square meters, and the surrounding facilities will be more perfect.


How to make Made-in-Foshan exhibitions more international?


Recently, Ou Bangmin, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Foshan Municipal Committee, the Secretary of Politics and Law of the CPC Municipal Committee, and the Secretary of the Labor Committee of the Sino-German Industrial Service Zone (Foshan New City) in Foshan, led the relevant responsible persons from commerce department to the Foshan Chinese Ceramic Alliance Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for a special investigation and discussion.


At the meeting, Ou Bongmin stressed that relevant departments, industry associations and enterprises should work together to create world-class exhibitions by using Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center as the main venue, and systematically improve the industrial level, innovation level, management ability and brand height of Foshan manufacturing industry. He also mentioned that in view of different advantageous industries in Foshan, we should put forward targeted support policies to further improve the quality of exhibitions.


Source: Guangzhou Daily

Translation: Jessica