Guangzhou and Foshan signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Building Guangfo High-quality Development and Integration Pilot Zone

send date:2019-05-14 15:57

At the 2019 joint party-government meeting of building Guangfo city held yesterday (May 13), Guangzhou and Foshan signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Building Guangfo High-quality Development and Integration Pilot Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "memorandum"), aiming at further implementing the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, giving full play to the driving role of Guangzhou-Foshan Pole.


Construct "1+4" integrated development pattern


Guangzhou-Foshan High-quality Development and Integration Pilot Zone (hereinafter referred to as "pilot zone") is a major cooperation project specified in the Framework Agreement on Deepening Strategic Cooperation between Guangzhou and Foshan, which was signed by the two cities at the end of December last year.


The memorandum clearly states that the two cities will speed up the formulation of the overall plan for the construction of the pilot zone, determine the specific location of the pilot zone, optimize the spatial layout, clarify the district functions, realize the "four-in-one" planning of urban function, ecological system, transportation system and industrial layout, and do well in planning control and land reserve. Meanwhile, a high-level construction plan should be formulated to clarify the principles, orientation, organizational structure, operation mode, rights and obligations of the pilot zone.


The pilot area will promote the formation of a "1 + 4" integrated development pattern around the 197 km boundary line between Guangzhou and Foshan. "1" refers to the Guangzhou South Railway Station-Foshan Sanlong Bay-Liwan Hailong Area, which should concentrate the superior resources of Guangzhou and Foshan to the greatest extent, and build it into a major development platform supporting the Guangzhou-Foshan Pole and a national demonstration area of urban integration development in the new era benchmarking Nansha, Qianhai and Hengqin. "4" refers to the Liwan Fangcun - Nanhai Ligui, Nansha Lanhe - Shunde Desheng New District, Baiyun Shimen - Nanhai Lishui and Huadu - Sanshui, which will steadily and orderly promote the integration and development.


Prior layout in the pilot zone for high-quality projects


For the effective settlement of the pilot zone, the two cities proposed in the memorandum to speed up the establishment of a work leading group, responsible for overall construction of the pilot zone. At the same time, the two cities will jointly invest in the establishment of a construction company in accordance with the agreed proportion, which will be responsible for land development, infrastructure construction, investment and financing, and investment attraction.


Good projects lead to great development. The memorandum clearly states that the two cities will take major projects as the main grasp to promote the construction of the pilot zone, jointly propose major projects every year, and promote the implementation after reaching agreement.